About Kevin

(This was written in February 2009, much of it is no longer applicable)

My name is Kevin Dolan and I am the creator of Genetic Programming source. I am currently studying computer science at Cornell University College of Engineering, class of 2011. I had been playing with computer programming since I was 13, designing websites and writing basic programs in my spare time until I took my first course in computer science in HS. From that moment on, I was hooked. I currently do freelance web design, under my company name, DesignByDolan.

I have worked with computers in numerous applications ranging from web development to computational finance. Currently, my most active project is the Darwin GP project, which is the GP environment to which this site is home. Darwin has numerous features and is, by far, the most advanced piece of code I have ever written. I am currently studying the functional programming language OCaml, and plan on implementing an in-environment OCaml node definition into Darwin.

Outside of computer science, I am interested in the philosophical implications of evolution as they apply to both individuals and society. I am also currently involved in the writing of a book about what I call Existential Selection, which refers to the application of the concepts of natural selection to domains other than the biological. My two favorite books of all time are Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species and John Holland's Adaptation in Natural and Artificial Systems. I highly recommend both.

If you would like to contact me about my website, or anything else, you can